Palm Oil Refinery and Fractionation Line

Raw material:CPO&CPKO(crude palm oil and crude palm kernel oil)


Final Product:Olein oil and Palm Stearin

Palm Oil Refinery and Fractionation Process

Raw material:CPO&CPKO(crude palm oil and crude palm kernel oil)


Final Product:Olein oil and Palm Stearin

Technological characteristics:physical and chemical methods

Production index:FFA≦0.1% water≦0.1% IV:≦48

Palm Oil Refinery and Fractionation Line

Refined Palm Oil Fractionation Quality Index


Quality Index

 Palm Olein

 Palm Super Olein

 Palm Stearin

Melting point(℃)





 40℃ clear, transparent

Acid value(calculating as KOH)mg/g   ≤



Peroxide value(mmol/kg)    ≤


Smell, taste   ≤

with palm oil inherent odor and taste, no peculiar smell

 Lovibond Dispoable Cuvettes(133.4mm)

yellow 30 red 3.0

Moisture and volatile matter %      ≤


Insoluble impurities %        ≤


The main sections are as follows: The refining workshop consists of degumming, deacidification, dehydration section, decolorization section, acid deodorization section, and fractionation section.

1.Alkali refining section:

Crude oil pumped into the workshop, after flowmeter measurement through the oil filter, filter out the larger mechanical impurities in oil, then filtered oil into refining pot, add phosphate, remove the phosphorous impurity and rubber miscellaneous in the oil and add light lye, remove the little fatty acids make it produce soapstock, help adsorption washed, after washing two or three times, remove the soap residue in the oil, access to the decolorizing section and drying.

Palm Oil Refinery and Fractionation Line1

2.Decolorizing section:

Degummed oil heated to 105-105 ℃ into the decoloring pan vacuum degree more than 720mmHg, decoloring pot adopts full sealed structure, all adopt the automatic welding technology, through the vacuum drying to remove the moisture, to join the activated clay, make oil mixed with clay fully, decoloring about 30 minutes, by special decoloring pump transfer oil into the vibration filter, by filtering, clay automatic discharge, decoloring oil into bag filter for finally filter, then entered into the decoloring clean oil tank for temporary storage.

Palm Oil Refinery and Fractionation Line2

3.Deodorization section

Decoloring oil pumped into deodorization pan, under the action of steam direct, after 3 ~ 4 hours stripping and distillation, the FFA and odor components in the oil is evaporated. Refined oil through shielding pumps pumped with stay deodorization oil heat exchange, then go to polishing filtering, then cooled below 50 ℃ and pump into the refined oil temporary storage tank. Before entering the polishing filter, adding suitable amount antioxidants, in order to improve the antioxidant capacity of the oil and prolong the shelf life.

Palm Oil Refinery and Fractionation Line3

4.Maturing crystal section:

Raw oil from the outdoor storage tank by raw material pump into the workshop, and measuring. After the oil heat, frozen water cooling, oil cooling to within 25 ℃, into maturing tank. Crystallizing tank set a high level alarm and interlock, after oil full, start the cooling crystallization process, this process through the preset frozen parameters , controlled by the computer, computer by controlling the temperature of circulating water of freeze coil in the crystallization tank to control the cooling speed of the oil, so as to achieve the best crystallization effect.

Palm Oil Refinery and Fractionation Line4

5.Filtering section:

Adopt advanced membrane filtration system, the main difference between the diaphragm filter press and common box pressure filter is between the filter plate and filter cloth with a layer compound rubber plate elastic membrane diaphragm plate. During operation, when the material input is over, can inject the high pressure fluid into filter plate and diaphragm, then the entire diaphragm will summon to compress filter cake, so as to realize the further dehydration of filter cake.

Palm Oil Refinery and Fractionation Line5


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