Palm Oil Press Production Line

Raw Material:Fresh palm fruit bunch FFB(within 24 hours after picking)

Capacity:5-120t/h FFB

Final products: Crude Palm Oil (CPO)

Palm Oil Press Production Line

Raw Material:Fresh palm fruit bunch FFB(within 24 hours after picking)

Capacity:5-120t/h FFB

Final products: Crude Palm Oil (CPO)

Production index: oil loss is less than or equal to 2%, moisture is less than 0.2%, free fatty acid FFA is less than or equal to 5.5%

Energy-efficient, modular assembly, easy to transport and move production

Technological characteristics of processing of palm oil

The recycling of factory by-products, self-supply of electricity, high degree of automation, and reduced labor costs.

  (1)Reception of palm fruits bunches FFB

Loading ramp:as palm fruit unloading, cleaning, storage platforms, all hydraulic segmented discharge.

Palm Oil Press Production Line

    (2) Sterilization Section:

Palm fresh fruit bunches are transported to the sterilization tank using a scraper conveyor and a fruit cage to perform high temperature sterilization .(145 ℃ ,90-120 minutes)

Sterilizer tank model

Horizontal 2. Vertical

Palm Oil Press Production Line1

(3) Ripe fruit bunches Threshing : (thresher drum)After the palm fresh fruit sterilizing is completed, Fresh palm fruit bunches are sterilized and transported to the thresher drum, which can separate the fruit particles from the bunches by rotating and beating.The fruit is conveyed to digester by screw conveyor.

Palm Oil Press Production Line3

(4)Pressing station:The digester machine will break the fruit and heat it and discharge it to the press

 After the press to squeeze the pulp producing oil (include Water ), and cake.


Palm Oil Press Production Line4

(5)Clarification: CPO palm oil is filtered, sedimented, centrifuged, and vacuum dried to separate the water and slag from palm oil.obtain pure palm oil.

Palm Oil Press Production Line5

(6)Crude oil storage tank:The purified pure oil is transported to the oil storage tank through the pump and pipeline. The oil storage tank needs to be heated regularly to ensure the fluidity of the oil. according to the production of pure palm oil by pumping needs to be delivered to the docks or in tankers for oil tankers.

Palm Oil Press Production Line6

    (7)Empty fruit bunches processing section:

The residual oil is recycled, and the shredded empty fruit bunches is used as a fertilizer or fuel for the boiler.

Palm Oil Press Production Line7

(8)fibre separation section: Through floating dry processing the fruit core and fibres separated. fibre and other lighter stuff was blown out .Separating the fibres in the pressed cake to obtain a pure core.

Palm Oil Press Production Line8

(9)Nut and Kernel Recycling section:The kernel and the shell are separated by wind filtration and water washing according to the specific gravity of the shell and the kernel. After the separated kernels are dried, the water is reduced to about 6-8% for storage. The separated palm shell is transported to the boiler as fuel.The kernels in the core are recovered and stored.

Palm Oil Press Production Line9

(10)Power House : the use of diesel powered generators and turbine generators, more environmentally friendly energy production and electricity consumption to power.

Palm Oil Press Production Line10

(11)Steam Boilers:It has a strong output, high thermal efficiency, stable and reliable operation, overload capacity, fuel, wide applicability, environmental protection and many other provides power and thermal sources for the production process.

Palm Oil Press Production Line11

(12)Water treatment: After settling, filtration, dosing and other processes to ensure that the water quality, but also to ensure oil quality.

 Palm Oil Press Production Line12

        (13)Effulent Treatment

Recycling oil from sludge oil can reduce oil loss and reduce pollution to the water environment.

Palm Oil Press Production Line13

(14) Factory power control system:Diesel generators and steam turbine generators need to be switched. Each section is operated as a unit, which makes it easier to operate the entire plant and ensures the coordination of the entire plant. The key equipment adopts PLC control to ensure the operating efficiency of the equipment.

Palm Oil Press Production Line14


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