Palm Kernel Oil Press Production Line

Capacity:15-400t/d(24 hours)

Final Product:Palm kernel(CPKO)

Application:Palm kernel oil (CPKO) after secondary press

Palm Kernel Press Production Line

Raw material:Palm kernel

Capacity:15-400t/d(24 hours)

Final Product:Palm kernel(CPKO)

Application:Palm kernel oil (CPKO) after secondary press

Description:get palm kernel oil after secondary pressing from palm kernel

Production index: FFA = 5%; M&I = 0.5%; IV=19 cakes (moisture + shell) = 15%

Technology characteristics:2 times of pressing process, high oil yield. No chemical added to.

Main process of Palm Kernel Press Production Line

1.Palm Kernel Drying Section

It needs to be concentrated and dried (6-8% moisture), which is more conducive to the pressing of subsequent processes.

Palm Kernel Press Production Line

2.Palm Kernel Press Section

The dried palm kernel (moisture 6%) passed through the elevator and screw conveyor to the first palm kernel press, and the palm kernel cake was pressed for the second time. The pressed palm kernel oil was filtered through a leaf filter and vacuum dried to remove water and stored in a palm kernel oil (CPKO) tank.

Palm Kernel Press Production Line1

3.Palm Kernel Oil Clarification Section

After the palm kernels pass the palm kernel press machine, the temperature of the kernel cake rises under high pressure, and the kernel cake is in the form of tiny particles.In the palm kernel oil, some kernel cake particles enter the palm kernel oil through the filter. After settling in the sedimentation tank, the settled oil residue will settle to the bottom. The residue will be recovered by the slag removal machine and then pressed again to achieve the recovery effect. The palm kernel oil is recovered at the upper part.

Palm Kernel Press Production Line2

4.Palm Kernel Oil Filtration Section

After the natural settlement treatment of palm kernel oil, there are still fine-grained pure .then use leaf filters 2sets  to ensure continuous production. The leaf filter is equipped with special pump valves and air compressor to ensure automatic slagging.

Palm Kernel Press Production Line3

5. Palm kernel oil drying and storage section

 The sediment-filtered palm kernel oil still contains a small amount of water, and the water in the palm kernel oil is removed by a vacuum drying system, and the pure palm oil is pumped to the palm kernel oil storage tank for storage and transportation.

Palm Kernel Press Production Line4

6. Palm kernel cake storage warehouse

The palm kernels after secondary pressing are in powder form and need to be collected and transported to the cake warehouse for storage.


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